I decided to create a new blog since our other blog had Miles' name in it. I didn't want Nolan (or other future children) to grow up and wonder why only their big brother had his name in the blog title. So to be fair this is the new blog. If you want to visit the old one that is from Miles birth until Feb 2010, go here: www.milesb.blogspot.com

Friday, May 23, 2014

She has a name!

I thought I would update the blog to include our new baby girls name!

It took 9 days (and I have a year to change it if I wanted to...) to actually name her!

It's Revelle Anae Skousen.  It's pronounced like the French classical composer Maurice Ravel.  We opted for the Revelle spelling vs the Ravelle spelling because we like the meaning of the word revel which is in her name but not in the pronunciation.  Revel means a joyous celebration or to take pleasure in something.  Her birth and having her join our family is indeed a joyous celebration and we are loving having her little presence in our home.  Tim likes to call her the Belle Reve which means beautiful dream.  I think it's so sweet and applicable to her since she is a little dream.  Anae means Grace of God and it is by God's grace that we were given this little miracle!  So yay she's here and no longer nameless.  Here is a link to how to pronounce her first name for those wondering.  http://www.babynology.com/meaning-revelle-f6.html

Here's some cute pics of all the kiddos!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Newest Baby Girl Skousen

Born May 7th, 1:20 p.m. 6 lbs 7 oz 19.5 inches long!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Princess Kitra has arrived!!!

I'm posting a ton of photos here of our newest addition.  Here's the basics:

Born 9:50 am on March 24th, 2012.
7 lbs 7 oz.
Tentative name:  Kitra Noelle Skousen

KITRA is a unique and relatively unused name we found.  Its origins are from Hebrew and it means "crown."
NOELLE was chosen because of its relation to the miracle birth at christmas.  Although Kitra was not born during the Christmas season, she's definitely a miracle baby for us, being the first conceived without the help of IVF.

As always, we like to wait a couple of days before making the name official where we test the name out for a bit.  We feel pretty confident about this name, but you never know.

And here she is:

Thursday, December 30, 2010


The Monday after Christmas we went tubing up in Park City with Nana and Pops.  It was so much fun for both of the boys and all the adults.  Nolan was in the little kids area going down little hills and Nana and I took turns while the boys went down the big hills.

That night just the girls went to the ballet and saw The Nutcracker.  It was so much fun, I loved it!

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was just as crazy as Christmas Eve.  I started to get sick on Christmas Eve and by Christmas Day my energy level was 0.  All I could do was lay on the couch.  Miles woke up around 930 and he went to check out the presents.

So since he was the first one up he got to look into his stocking. while Nolan did this...

And while the Grandpa's read this...

Finally Nolan woke up....

Than let the opening of presents and Christmas craziness begin.  (Just a note there were presents for 17 people under the tree, those are not all for my kids.)  That morning about 30 mins after Nolan woke up the rest of the family started to arrive, by 1pm our house had 17 people and we were only about half way done opening up presents.  We ate Christmas dinner and came back to the presents to finally finish up around 4. 

It was a busy and crazy Christmas but it was tons of fun.  I really wish I wasn't sick so I could have enjoyed it more but I'm pretty positive the kids had a magical Christmas and that's what's important!  We loved having all of our family to share it with us.

The Aftermath....

Christmas Eve

By the time Christmas Eve rolled around Nana and Pops were in town as well as Uncle Mike, Aunt Shelia, and Kristina who came as a surprise visit.  For Christmas Eve night we had a full house with 20 people over for dinner.  After dinner we did skit night-here is a pic of the Human Christmas tree

After skits we sang Christmas carols and than Santa came with presents for the kids.

If you're wondering why Nathan looks goth-it was for one of the skits.

Snow fun

Uncle Todd was in town and the kids built this guy...